Upholstery AZ

Custom Furniture

From sofas and love seats, to reclining chairs and ottomans, Upholstery AZ specializes in custom furniture upholstery. We understand how important your custom furniture is, Upholstery AZ handles all custom furniture jobs with extreme care.

Upholstery AZ Automobile upholstery

Automobile Interior

Reworking upholstery that represents your character is our job! Automobile interior upholstery repair/install is a careful process that requires precision, love and care.

RV/Motorhome upholstery


RV upholstery tends to show age more than any other interior feature. With hundreds of traditional, contemporary, and modern upholstery fabrics – any motor-home becomes a modernized, beautiful home-on-wheels.

antique upholstery - Upholstery AZ

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture holds higher value than most upholstery companies foresee. Upholstery AZ will handle all antique, uncommon, unique, or classical furniture with extreme care. No harsh products are used.

Boat Upholstery - Upholstery AZ

Boat Interior

Boats and other amphibious vehicles are susceptible to water damage. Boat upholstery is an easy job, especially when using water resistant materials and fabrics.

ATV upholstery

ATV & Motorcycle Seats

ATV, motorcycle, and other off-road vehicle seats weathered with common use. Upholstery AZ will make your all terrain vehicle(s) look and feel brand new.